Want to know how to WRITE YOUR BOOK? Meet the 48 Hour Author Natasa Denman!

In this video, I am so thrilled to introduce Natasa Denman, the 48 Hour Author as our May Meet Up Speaker.

Natasa speaks how she is about to write her 15th book!

Yes – you read that right!

Writing a book isn’t as hard as you think!

You have a book in YOU!

In this Meet Up, you will learn:

✅ How to Leverage you Business via a Book

✅ How to write a book in just 48 Hours

✅ Why a book is Your Business Card on Steroids

✅ Demystifying the Publishing Industry

✅ Open Q&A with Nat in the last 15 mins (Ask anything)

WHERE: Zoom Link to be emailed within 24 hours of Registration

WHEN: Tuesday 05 May AEST (Melbourne) 10:00 am

Register here: https://www.meetup.com/HypnosisBusinessSuccessGlobal/events/285072542/ **ALL MEET-UPS ARE RECORDED & AUTOMATICALLY EMAILED TO YOU**

???? FREE GIFT: Ticket to Learn the Exact Steps to Write, Publish, and Leverage your First Book in 2022!

Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author.A highly sought after professional speaker (CSP accredited), coach, and mentor, Natasa is a 14-time published author and creator of the game changing business model, Ultimate 48 Hour Author. She has helped over 600 solopreneurs become first time published authors in 15 different countries around the world including Australia, USA, UAE and Canada.

Four years ago, Natasa also founded her own publishing company, Ultimate World Publishing and her authors are now writing their second and third books.

Appearing in all major media outlets across Australia including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review and The Age, Natasa is changing the way people do business in Australia and the world.She now runs a multiple 7-figure business with her husband and 3 children from home having pivoted the business from an offline to an a highly successful online model during the coronavirus pandemic.

Register here: https://www.meetup.com/HypnosisBusinessSuccessGlobal/events/285072542/

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