My vision is for the HypnoFit® brand to pave the way for hypnotherapists around the world to make hypnotherapy the go-to profession for overcoming life’s challenges, not the option of last resort.
Helen Mitas, HypnoFit® Therapy System Pioneer & Hypnotherapist of the Year

My Story

It was the 1990’s and I found myself in a marriage that I no longer wanted to be in. No one was more surprised than me as I really believed that the vows I made as a 23 year old would be forever. I met a lot of opposition within my own family, as my former husband was a great husband, father, family man and provider. They thought I was about to make the biggest mistake in my life and did everything in their power to help me see reason. They had good intentions of course but I was left feeling alone, ashamed, guilty, helpless, hopeless, stuck, depressed and anxious. I felt terrified of making the big necessary changes in my life that I wanted to make.

I then read an advertisement in the newspaper (it was before Google!) that spoke to me. It said, “Are you feeling helpless, hopeless and unable to take control of your life? Does it seem that everyone has a say in your life except you?”

This ad was a reflection of my life at that moment. I felt an enormous sense of relief that someone out there knew exactly how I was feeling. I attended The Cairnmillar Institute for nearly 5 years and during that time I went from a place of out of control anxiety to realising that I do have choices and I am solely responsible for my happiness.

And so my journey began…

I slowly and systematically changed EVERY area of my life.

Emotionally, it took me years to let go of my fears, own up to my mistakes, review my values and leave an unhappy relationship into an unknown world as a single parent, responsible for my own finances. This period of time was one of the most frightening times in my life, but it eventually transitioned to an empowering one.

Physically, I let go of my limiting beliefs, released nearly 14 kilos and became fitter in my 40’s than I ever was in my 30’s or 20’s. I competed in running events, winning medals and achieving what I originally thought was the unachievable and felt like a different woman.

During my wellness journey, I have learned and applied principles that have allowed me to take my life to a point that I never imagined possible. I undertook formal study in my new found passion of Hypnotherapy, attended countless seminars and discovered mentors that I could align myself with.

When I decided to let go of my corporate role and all the security it offered to follow my life’s passion in helping other people release their fears, unlock their full potential and move towards a fulfilling life, I was once again surrounded by family and friends who thought I was foolish for once again following my heart and not my head.

Back when my journey first started, I would never have believed that I am now the author of a published book ‘Mindset Dominance’ and a global, sought after leading authority in the Hypnotherapy profession. To my surprise, I was awarded Hypnotist of the Year 2018 by the Mid America Conference in Chicago. I have presented and trained therapists in my HypnoFit® Therapist System across the globe from New York to London. There are over 700 Hypnotherapists from over 20 countries who are now Certified HypnoFit® Therapists & Partners.

Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor
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It's time for change

Wellness is now a trillion dollar industry. People are becoming more aware that drugs and side effects are not the only alternative; that complementary therapies are powerful sources of healing. People are moving from a paradigm of sickness to one of wellness, from cure to prevention.  So if the industry is booming, why does the average hypnotherapist only make about $30,000 per year?

Most therapists have to work a full time or part time job to pay the bills and somehow fit their hypnotherapy practice around that. It’s a real struggle to maintain the energy and focus needed to grow a practice to a point where you can do it full time, and it’s a real risk to quit your job entirely and focus on your practice. Therapists are caught in a catch 22 situation where they can’t dedicate enough time to grow their practice but can’t risk quitting their source of income to free up time. And so they remain stuck.


“Hands up if you learned how to build a hypnotherapy practice in your training.”


I’ve asked this question to thousands of hypnotherapists, all of the world, and the response is always the same – no one. Your qualifications will teach you how to be a competent hypnotherapist, but what’s not covered is how to package your hypnotherapy skills into profitable programs, how to sell those programs authentically, and how to consistently attract clients through referrals and word of mouth.


I’ve designed my HypnoFit® Therapist Certification to help you systematically grow your part time hypnotherapy practice into a fully fledged business that supports you financially and allows you the change more lives. You’ll cut through the trial and error, the confusion and the frustration with proven systems and techniques that work.

Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor
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How I Made $165,000 In My First Year Of Hypnotherapy, Without Advertising

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