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Discovery the 9 strategies I used to grow my HypnoFit Melbourne practice well beyond the 6 figure mark and that I still use today to attract new clients.

My story of leaving a 6 figure corporate job to follow my Hypnotherapy dream, and how I overcame challenges to replace my corporate income in my first year.

Uncover your subconscious blocks and move from fear to fabulous in 6 easy steps with this inspiring, self-contained online course.

Mentoring, Masterclass & Meetup

Learn to apply the HypnoFit® Success System that has empowered thousands of
hypnotherapists around the world to grow a 6 figure Hypnotherapy business.

Get expert hypnotherapy mentoring on demand with the exclusive new mentoring platform.

Book yourself months in advance with a structured Hypnotherapy System that works.

Enjoy peer networking and support from a global network of therapists. Every month, an expert guest presenter shares their tips for growing a success hypnotherapy practice.

HypnoFit® Online Courses

Level up your hypnotherapy career in your own time with professionally-
recorded, interactive online courses with Q&A support.

Level 1 Clinical Hypnotherapy + NLP

Take the first step toward a fulfilling career in Hypnotherapy with this comprehensive foundation course in Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP.

Drop Your Clients' Limits

Remove the limiting beliefs that are blocking your clients from achieving their desired outcomes.

HypnoFit® Therapy System

Take control of the therapy process with my exact 7-12 session structure blueprint that gets results for any kind of client and issue.

HypnoFit® Business System

Follow my proven 16 step system for creating a 6 figure hypnotherapy business, proven by hundreds of success Hypnotherapists.

HypnoFit® Success System

This program bundle includes the HypnoFit® Therapy System and HypnoFit® Business System, giving you the ultimate step by step guide for growing a 6 figure practice.

HypnoFit® Resource Revival Code

Release emotions that are stuck in the body and stopping the client move forward with this powerful therapy protocol.

HypnoFit® Weight Loss System

Confidently conduct weight loss sessions to achieve transformational and lasting results for your weight loss clients.

HypnoFit® Past Life Regression System

Confidently manage a client who regresses to a past life during therapy with this ground-breaking system.

HypnoFit® Smoking Cessation System

Help your client quit once and for all with this highly successful smoking cessation system.

HypnoFit® Immersion System

Take your therapy skills to the next level for deep transformations with the most challenging clients. Bundle includes Resource Revival Code, Weight Loss, Past Life Regression & Smoking Cessation Systems.

HypnoFit® Licensed Partners & Trainers

Pathways for building a fulfilling and financially rewarding career in
Hypnotherapy, consisting of pre-defined systems, tools and mentoring.

HypnoFit® Certified Trainer

Become certified and supported to run HypnoFit Mastery Live Retreats where you’ll train your fellow therapists in the HypnoFit® Success System.

HypnoFit® Partner

Step into a turnkey HypnoFit® clinic-in-a-box, with all the systems, processes, templates and ongoing mentoring you need to succeed.

Get 9 No Cost Marketing
Strategies That Work

These are the 9 strategies I used to grow my HypnoFit®
practice well beyond the 6 figure mark and that I still use
today to attract new clients.

How I Made $165,000 In My First Year Of Hypnotherapy, Without Advertising

Introductory Webinar

How I achieve deep and lasting transformations without
overwhelming the client or exhausting myself

How I introduce my prospects to a program, rather than
individual sessions

How I booked my practice solid on word of mouth alone,
without spending a fortune on marketing

The approach I came up with to generate more revenue
from less clients, so I could stop chasing so many

How I built my a practice to make a bigger impact