How to feel confident in yourself when you first start out

When I first met Joanne Lowrie just over 3 years ago, I was struck as to how confident she was as a Hypnotherapist even though she had no experience as she recently graduated.


I knew that when the time was right – I would be offering her a role to work as a Hypnotherapist here at HypnoFit® because she had the confidence required, which is so important in our line of work.


Fast forward to today and Joanne has helped literally thousands of clients here at HypnoFit® overcome their biggest life challenges such as Anxiety & Depression.


In this video, Joanne and I share our tips on how to feel confident without the experience to draw from when first starting out. 


Hold the intention of what you want to do.

Get out of your own way, believe in yourself!


“It’s all about understanding where your clients are coming from; and helping them connect to their own wisdom.” – Helen Mitas

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