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Elevate your profile as a wellness leader and empower therapists around
the world as a certified trainer of the HypnoFit® Therapy Systems.

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Become A Wellness Industry Leader

It’s Time To Step Up

You’re a successful therapist, but you’re getting tired of being stuck in the clinic. You don’t want to do it alone anymore.  You’re looking for a tribe, and an opportunity to play bigger, and transform more lives.

Take the next step in your wellness career, supported by two leaders who have achieved international success.

As a HypnoFit® Certified Trainer, you’ll be teaching the next generation of hypnotherapists how to get real results with our pioneering HypnoFit® Therapy Systems.

Join us on our mission to make hypnotherapy the go to profession for life’s challenges, not the option of last resort.

A completely ‘Done for you’ training system with expert coaching & mentoring

All training segments recorded

Simply play the videos then facilitate practise and Q & A, or teach the segments yourself, or a combination of both. It’s up to you.

Keep 100% of course revenue

Collect and keep 100% of the revenue from students who you sign up to the HypnoFit® Success System, and any preview events.

Train new or experienced therapists

Teach foundational hypnotherapy & NLP to new students, or breakthrough HypnoFit® Systems to therapists wanting a 6 figure practice.

What’s included?

The HypnoFit® Certified Trainer program is a comprehensive training system that equips you to deliver the HypnoFit® Success System to clients around the world.

It consists of a license to access the acclaimed HypnoFit® Therapy Systems; advanced instructor training and resources to deliver engaging live or virtual retreats; and a proven sales system that empowers you to sell consistently.

Powerful Therapy Systems

HypnoFit® Therapy Systems

The HypnoFit® Therapy Systems have been the key to HypnoFit’s rapid growth and global expansion. They consistently produce transformational results for clients, for all kinds of presenting issues.

As a HypnoFit® Certified Trainer, you will be instructing therapists in the use of these groundbreaking systems, and as such, have an ‘all access pass’ to some of the most powerful hypnosis methodolgies in existence.

Our exact 7-12 session structure blueprint that takes control of the therapy process to get results for any kind of client.

Releases emotions that are stuck in the body and stopping the client from moving forward.

A complete system for achieving transformational and lasting weight loss results for clients.

A ground-breaking system for managing a client who regresses to a past life during therapy.

A highly successful smoking cessation system that ensures clients quit once and for all.

A comprehensive practical Introduction to Hypnosis and NLP Certification, with all the scripts required to begin your rewarding career in Hypnotherapy.

Removes limiting beliefs around money and success and unlocks the ability to succeed in business.

The fast track program that teaches how to pivot a hypnotherapy practice online within days, not weeks

Advanced instructor training

HypnoFit® Certified
Instructor Training

Of course, great content is only one part of the equation. To truly empower your students, you need to be a great instructor. You need to manage group dynamics, maintain energy levels and create engagement.

We are going to ‘train you to train’ so that you can teach anything, using advanced adult learning principles.

Full 3 day, high quality recording of Helen & Marcus presenting a live retreat, organised into segments, so you have a working example to refer to before and during your retreat, at your convenience.

120 page HypnoFit® Therapy System training manual, and retreat run sheet with guide to activities.

Advanced training strategies & methodologies based on adult learning principles to help you teach effectively and maintain energy levels and engagement, whether deliverying live or online.

A full suite of templates for retreat operations based on our successful model, refined over 5+ years.

For a flat admin fee, we will certify your students, issue them with their certification badges and list them on the hypnofit.com website.

Proven sales system

HypnoFit® Sales System

When you join the HypnoFit® Certified Training Program, you’re not just getting access to world class therapy resources, you’ll also get access to our proven sales system.

We’ll provide you with all the templates and instruction to build a repeatable sales engine to reliably fill your retreats with quality clients.

Discover our proven system for filling events by bringing leads into a preview event using organic and paid Facebook strategies and email marketing. You’ll receive recommended campaign designs and templates of all marketing assets to modify and make your own.

We’ll show you how to sell high ticket training programs from the live or virtual stage, including structure, scripts and templates such as a slide decks and follow up emails.

Close clients with an enticing offer that we’ve proven over several years of trial and error. We know what motivates clients, we know what questions and objections to overcome, and all we make this available to you to save you the guess work.

We’ll provide you with a suite of templates and recommendations for how to set up your online marketing, sales and delivery systems. If you need help, we can point in the direction of experts who can set everything up for you.

Become a wellness leader with support and mentoring from the experts

Helen Mitas

Global Hypnotherapy Leader, Author, Founder of HypnoFit®

Helen Mitas is the founder of the world’s first global Hypnotherapy clinic, HypnoFit®, with 13 Hypnotherapy clinics in Australia, New Zealand & the United States.

Helen was awarded Hypnotist of the Year 2018 by the Mid America Conference in Chicago. Helen has presented and trained therapists in the HypnoFit® Success System across the globe from New York to London.

There are 3,000 Hypnotherapists from over 20 countries who are now Certified HypnoFit® Therapists & Partners.

Marcus Bird

Wellness Futurist, Author, Director of HypnoFit® Global

Marcus’s mission is to move the world to wellness by teaching empowering and educational information to wellness practitioners and clients. As the author of The 3 Minute Coach, a speaker and wellness futurist with over 2 decades of experience in the wellness industry, he knows the wellness business inside and out.

Marcus knows what methods are sustainable and what training is simply hot air. Now, he wants to help you unlock your potential to become the powerful, impactful and profound wellness leader he knows you’re capable of being.

Teach highly acclaimed, proven Therapy Systems that get rave reviews, internationally.

More than 3,000 therapists In 15 countries use our HypnoFit® Therapist System.

We’ve helped thousands of therapists around the world to turn their hypnotherapy passion into a business that delivers the lifestyle and professional success of their dreams.

Our HypnoFit® Therapy System provides a structured, step by step approach to grow your hypnotherapy business, without the trial and error.

Partner with us

Step up and realise
your potential!

The HypnoFit® Certified Trainer Program is a serious opportunity for the right person to train our renowned HypnoFit® Success System and start building an international profile. Let’s talk!


You will collect and keep 100% of the revenue from students who you sign up to the HypnoFit® Success System, and any preview events.

There’s an initial sign up fee to join the HypnoFit® Certified Trainer Program, that gets you access to all the content and ongoing mentoring.

We charge you a flat admin fee per student to onboard and certify new students.

You will be responsible for any marketing and software related costs arising from selling the programs, such as Facebook ads and CRM subscriptions, should you elect to use them.

We will talk you through all this in our Discovery Call.

We will provide your students with access to our online Success System resources and provide technical support, such as password resets. We’ll also provide certification for your students, issuing them with their certification badges and listing them on the HypnoFit® website.

We will provide you with templates and recommendations about how go about these things, but we assume a level of proficiency with selling services online. We can recommend a Digital Business Partner who is familiar with our operations, who can assist you on a fee for service basis.

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