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Get Fully Booked In Uncertain Times – Virtual Masterclass with Helen Mitas

December 9, 2020 @ 9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor
Discover the structured method for booking your Hypnosis business solid, months in advance, with motivated clients.

Join award-winning Hypnotherapist & HypnoFit® Founder, Helen Mitas, for a fun, interactive and empowering half day Virtual Masterclass.


The specific method Helen teaches new Hypnotherapists to charge high prices, book out their calendar quickly, and create raving clients.

Find out how to produce transformational results easily and consistently, using a structured Therapy System.

Get the foundation you need to start earning a consistent, predictable, full time income so you can follow your passion as a qualified Hypnotherapist.


Does this sound like you?

  • Feeling pressure from clients to work a miracle in the first session?
  • Feeling exhausted from trying to give clients too much (but it never seems enough)?
  • Feeling anxious about asking for what you’re worth?
  • Looking at a blank appointment calendar, wondering how to attract new clients?
  • Attracting clients who don’t value you or your expertise?
  • Feeling frustrated or blocked from getting to the next level?

Event start time in your local timezone

  • QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS – 9.30am AEST
  • SA, NT – 9.00am ACST
  • WA – 7.30am AWST
  • NZ – 11.30am NZST

What do Hypnotherapists earning over 6 figures a year (and beyond) do differently than most?

They’re not necessarily better therapists (although they’re very good).

They follow a proven and structured Hypnotherapy System every time they see a client. A structured Hypnotherapy system is the key to a successful practice that rewards you for the unique value you bring to your clients.


(instead of just winging it)

  • Be booked solid for weeks in advance
  • Get consistent referrals from happy clients, over and over again
  • Achieve transformational results for any kind of client, consistently
  • Turn your Hypnotherapy passion into a financially sustainable business, growing to 6 figures and beyond
  • Pick and choose the clients you’d like to work with
  • Have the impact you always wanted in helping people change their lives


Get Fully Booked In Uncertain Times is a fun, informative and interactive workshop, where you will learn:

  • How to achieve deep and lasting transformations without overwhelming your client and exhausting yourself
  • How to convince your prospects that a program is the best solution for them, without coming across all salesy
  • How to book your practice solid on word of mouth alone, without spending a fortune on marketing
  • How to generate more revenue from less clients, so you can stop chasing clients just to keep the lights on
  • Build a practice that helps you to help others.


When I decided to leave my well-paid corporate job to become a Hypnotherapist in 2010, I was terrified and elated at the same time. Many people around me said that I was crazy! But, I knew I had the opportunity to do something that I was truly passionate about and that I believed would bring value and positive change to my clients.

I had studied hard for my qualifications, being Master Practitioner training with Tad James and my Diploma of Hypnotherapy at the Academy of Hypnotic Science, and I even received the ‘Erickson Award’ (in recognition of the high standard of written and practical work presented during the Diploma of Hypnotherapy), as well as a myriad of other certifications. But there was a problem! Even with this great new kit bag of skills no one had taught me how to run a hypnotherapy practice!

I assumed the clients would just come to me as soon as I decided that I was ready. But they didn’t.

Escaping the ‘Corporate World’ now seemed like an unattainable dream. I was determined to start making my business a success so I could make the difference I had trained so hard for. There didn’t seem to be much support around for newcomers like me. There was nothing out there designed specifically for the Hypnotherapy profession. So I did what any committed and ‘going to succeed at any cost’ entrepreneur would do. I mortgaged my house to pay for my education. I hired mentors and paid an arm and a leg to coaches to get me started. There was a lot of trial and error over the next year and I spent a lot of money looking for the solution. Some things paid off but a lot didn’t.

Eventually, everything I was learning started to come together and within the first 12 months of applying the strategies that would eventually become my Expert Hypnotherapist System, I earned $165,000 in my first year of business. Today, after 8 years of business. Now I’m proud to claim that Hypnofit is nearly at a 7 figure turnover and growing steadily. I have four therapists working for me and I’m licensing the Hypnofit business model to other therapists around the world.

Looking back, I think if somebody could have just shown me the way, without charging like a wounded bull, I would have followed that person to the ends of the earth. Luckily those days are behind me now.

Since then, I have been awarded the prestigious Hypnotherapist of the Year title by one of the leading Hypnosis conferences in the US, my HypnoFit® clinics have gone global through virtual services and licensing agreements, and I present around the world at Hypnosis conferences and workshops.

These days, my mission and my passion is to share my business skills and raise the profile of hypnotherapy globally, helping therapists around the world develop the thriving, commercially-successful practices that they deserve.

So, is it time to stop struggling and start feeling flow in your business?

If you want to have a greater impact and help more people, you need a thriving, commercially successful practice (and let’s face it – that would be pretty good for you too!!).

I’ll show you the proven system that over 1,000 hypnotherapists globally have used to grow their practice to 6 figures and beyond (including me!).

Passion, expertise and a heart-centred approach. All elements that good therapists have, but if you truly want to make a difference, you need a successful business.

A successful business means being able to follow your passion and wake up every morning doing the work you love doing (not the work you feel you have to). It means being able to help more and more people to change their lives as your business becomes more successful.

It means being a living, walking example of living life without limitations.

And to grow a practice quickly, without a lot of stuffing around and trial and error, you need to follow a system.

At my Cashflow Certainty in Uncertain Times workshop, I’m going to reveal to you the system I used to grow my practice to $165k in turnover in my first year, and have since gone on to triple!

If you’re ready to get serious about Hypnotherapy, don’t miss this business (and life) altering workshop.

Claim your seat today!

“Thanks Helen for everything – I made over $6K today on two programs, and one is my first 18 week program – I’m very happy. To put it in perspective, this is nearly twice my salary I was getting in my old corporate job per month, which I worked 160 hours and today’s revenue is for 33 hours – livin’ the dream!!”

– Marie Gilligan, Rockhampton, Australia

“Excited for a new client today – 8+ sessions – Expert Hypnotherapist System along with Virtual Gastric Bypass. On her way out she said, “I am SO excited to do this”. I love making people happy!”

– Caryn Bird, Wisconsin, USA

“So after doing the Expert Hypnotherapist System workshop with Helen Mitas first weekend in December, I said to myself I need to earn $2599 before the end of December (no idea where the number came from) and this week I have new new clients booked in, two $800 packages and one $1200.”

– Ernest McLeod, Adelaide, Australia

“I have been absolutely smashing out packages and clients left, right and centre. I’m seeing around 14 a week for timeline alone. Word’s quickly spreading and my husband wants to get trained up too. Business is booming and life is wonderful. Thank you beautiful Helen for all you have opened my eyes to.”

– Sharna Brook, Gympie, Australia

“I just sold my first program for $2100. It was so easy! I wish I had been doing this 2 years ago. Thanks Helen!

– Teagan Fea, Auckland, New Zealand

“The training has taken my skill set to a whole other level. The way you conducted the training gave us plenty of time for questions and ensured we didn’t go off on tangents which can often happen with question time. I love the methodology and the structure will help ensure all of our collective successes. Your dream for the Hypnotherapy industry is certainly congruent with everything you do.”

– Michael Zienow, Melbourne, Australia

“I am so thrilled to be a Certified Hypnofit® Therapist! The process is brilliant, effective and the results are obvious. My clients love it and the results are better than other hypnotherapy processes I have used. My passion to help my clients regain their health led me to Hypnofit® and I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled. Hypnofit’s® genius, holistic approach to releasing past emotions and limiting beliefs has given my clients so much success.“

– Kasia Weglarz, New Hampshire, USA

“I’m so incredibly thankful right now. I’ve never been this booked out. My November has been fully booked and a few days ago I looked at my calendar for Dec and thought – hmm… a few spaces available. Well, I had a number of people contact me since then and had 2 calls today and just had 3 new clients come on board today, 2 for 16 sessions and one for 12 sessions. My December is now almost all booked up. How can it get any better than this? “

– Vanessa Searle, Brisbane, Australia

How I Made $165,000 In My First Year Of Hypnotherapy, Without Advertising

Introductory Webinar

How I achieve deep and lasting transformations without
overwhelming the client or exhausting myself

How I introduce my prospects to a program, rather than
individual sessions

How I booked my practice solid on word of mouth alone,
without spending a fortune on marketing

The approach I came up with to generate more revenue
from less clients, so I could stop chasing so many

How I built my a practice to make a bigger impact

Get 9 No Cost Marketing
Strategies That Work

These are the 9 strategies I used to grow my HypnoFit®
practice well beyond the 6 figure mark and that I still use
today to attract new clients.