Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor

Sharna Brook

Certified HypnoFit® Therapist

Area of expertise: Anxiety, depression, virtual gastric band, smoking, children & teens with ADHD and learning difficulties

Practicing since: 2018

Location: Gympie, Australia

From seeing 10 clients a week to 35 within
a few weeks.

Sharna’s practice is relatively new — she became a qualified clinical hypnotherapist in 2018 — but she hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped yet. From the time she began seeing patients, she saw that the bulk of her enquiries were for hardcore anxiety and depression. Because this signalled a strong need in the community, she built her practice around getting these clients results as quickly and gently as possible.


Since then, she has continued to work to give her practice a unique touch. With tools and modalities that include hypnosis for kids, a range of gratitude diaries and items like weighted blankets in sessions, she aims to create the best, most sensory experience possible.


From the moment she opened her practice, Sharma was booked solid. She realized quickly that she was going to need a system to manage it all. And, like many talented and skilled professionals, she was suffering from imposter syndrome. She didn’t have the confidence she needed in her abilities to achieve the results that she and her clients needed.


She realized quickly that she did not have all the tools in her toolbox that her practice would need. So, she put on her research hat and sought out the teacher who would help her put it all together.


Sharna says, “I have always had the mindset that if you want to learn something, you learn from the best. This training was exactly that.”

She went from seeing 10 clients a week to 25 within a few weeks of completing her first course with Helen. She quickly realized that she needed to expand if she was going to keep up with that level of demand. She added two hypnotherapists to her practice within 14 months of doing her first hypnosis training, one of whom is her husband.


Sharna and her team created the Gympie Wellness Clinic and now have a beautiful venue that boasts a wide range of practitioners and modalities. She’s been seeing more children and teens with ADHD and other learning difficulties. This is one area where she plans to expand her practice, and hopes to give these young clients the knowledge, confidence and strategies to move forward into the future they want.


Sharna regularly gets calls from new hypnotherapists who want to know how she became so successful so quickly. Her answer is always the same: Helen Mitas!

“I felt out of my depth, I had a hole
that needed filling.”

10 minutes with Sharna

What are your areas of expertise?
I specialise in anxiety, depression, virtual gastric band and smoking, however I am seeing an increasing amount of children and teens with ADHD and learning difficulties. This is where I will be focusing my attention in the future, giving children and teens the knowledge, confidence and strategies needed to move forward into the future that they want.
Who do you help?
Men and women young and old for anxiety and depression, I see from ages 5-90. I don’t aim for a target audience, most of my clients are referred from past clients.
What results do you get for your clients?
Outstanding!! My referrals and reviews speak for themselves. It’s easy when you are trained by the best. I have always had the mindset that if you want to learn something, you learn from the best. This training was exactly that.
What are you best known for?
Changing lives of course!! And also I’d say the crazy ideas I have that give my business a unique touch, for example we offer teeth whitening for our smokers, I sell hypnosis USB recordings with colour changing speakers for kids, we have a kids hypnosis room, weighted blankets, a range of gratitude diaries and much, much more. I’m always looking to give my clients the best, most sensory experience possible. I also like to do lots of community events that educate people on the amazing power of their subconscious mind and how hypnosis can change their lives.
When we first met you, how was business?
I hit the ground running after my initial hypnosis training because again, I only train with the best, however not long after I started practising I realised that the bulk of enquiries I was getting were for hardcore anxiety and depression and I felt out of my depth, I had a hole that needed filing.
What did you want to achieve?
I wanted to know how to get the best results for my anxiety and depression clients in the quickest and gentlest way possible. I just did not quite have all the tools that I needed in my toolbox. I was also lacking in the confidence of my ability to achieve these results.
What made you decide to work with us?
I’m a research girl. Who is the best in the industry? And who taught them, because that’s the person that I want training me. All signs pointed me to Helen Mitas and I’m so glad I followed my nose and gut because her training elevated my skill set to a whole new level.
What really stood out for you?
Timeline therapy! It seemed too easy to be true but I’ve run Helen’s system over a thousand times now with incredible results every time. I also love all the extra resources given on the retreat for smokers and weight-loss. I must also mention the contacts that I made with the other therapists, I made many close friendships during my time with Helen that have proved to be invaluable support to me many times since.
What advice would you give to someone considering working with us?
Helen leads by example. She is a do as I do, not a do as I say person and I love that about her because let’s face it, there is much of this happening in the industry. She told me from day one that she saw something special in me and she has supported me, lifted me and mentored me ever since. She has created an incredible community that is my first place of contact should I ever need help. She doesn’t just take your money, run the course and abandon you, instead she inspires, champions and benefits our industry and we are all better off because of what she brings to the table.
How is business now?
Oh my, I went from 10 clients a week to 35 within a few weeks of doing the first course with Helen. Very quickly I realised that there was no way that I could keep up to this level of demand, I needed to expand. So only 14 months after doing my very first hypnosis training, I found myself hiring two more hypnotherapists, one of whom is my husband. We created Gympie Wellness Clinic and now we have a beautiful venue that boasts a wide range of practitioners and modalities. The three hypnotherapists are collectively seeing an average of 60 people a week between us. I get many phone calls a week from random hypnotherapists that are new on the scene, they all want to know how I came to be so successful and of course I tell them, Helen Mitas!!! My confidence is sky high, I honestly feel that there is not one person in this world that I could not confidently help. Take a seat, I’ve got you!
What’s on your horizon?
No horizon, I’m much higher up than that baby!! From here I can see the entire world, I know where I’m going and I know how to get there now thanks to Helen’s guidance. I’m eternally grateful for all that you’ve shown me Helen – thank you x

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