Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor

Mark Lakowske

Certified HypnoFit® Therapist
Area of expertise: Anxiety, grief and trauma
Practicing since: 2014

Location: Wisconsin, United States

No longer throwing stuff at the wall to see
what sticks.

Wisconsin, USA, hypnotherapist Mark Lakowske is all about helping his clients let go. He has helped clients who were told that they would experience lifelong pain leave that pain behind. A woman previously terrified of flying was able to fulfill a dream of traveling to Italy. Another, so consumed by grief that she did not leave her bedroom for three years, was able to release the feelings holding her back and find new engagement in work, life and travel.


As a skilled hypnotherapist, he was able to give his patients all sorts of relief and help them embrace new possibilities. But, he says the business end of his practice was hanging on by a wing and a prayer.


Before working with Helen, Mark’s business was struggling. He was deeply in debt. He had too few clients, and the wrong sort of clients, at that. He was making very little money and spending too much time chasing leads. Because of the low income, he was only able to work part-time in his practice. This harmed his confidence in his abilities. He was constantly trapped in the idea that his hypnotherapy practice could only be a pleasant hobby.


Mark said that he felt a real connection with Helen right off the bat. When he talked to her, she understood exactly what he was going through — as well as what he needed to do to save his business. By working with him when he was at his lowest, she gave him the tools he needed to regroup and change.

“I took action once I had the know how!” Mark says. Helen’s programs taught him how to structure a program for his clients’ success. He learned the value of testimonials and positioning himself as an expert. With the HypnoFit® blueprints for success, he was able to automate and outsource a lot, leaving him the time to focus on his passions.


With the transformation in his business, Mark isn’t just thinking about whether he can keep the business open. He’s building a plan for ways to grow. He’s been able to raise his prices and change to a program model that gives his practice stability for the future.


Since undergoing business training with Helen, Mark has completed one book and already has another in the works. He’s looking forward to his second teaching tour in Australia. Plus, his practice is continuing to grow. He is ecstatic about the opportunities to help more people in more ways and plans to add two or three coaches and hypnotherapists in order to expand his services.

“I was trained well as a hypnotist/coach, but
had no business knowledge or structure for my processes.”
10 minutes with Mark
What are your areas of expertise?
I work primarily with people dealing with anxiety but I also do a lot of work with grief & traumas.
Who do you help?
I primarily work with women who are between the ages of 35 & 65 who are motivated to change. Many actually own their own businesses.
What results do you get for your clients?
Most of my clients have noticeable changes after the very 1st session or quickly thereafter. I’ve had clients who’ve gone from a 23 out of 25 on the anxiety/depression scale down to a 3 after four sessions. I’ve had clients who struggled with alcohol become sober after three sessions. (alcohol was a side effect, a crutch. We never touched on the alcohol specifically during the session). I’ve had clients who were told they would always be in pain let go of most of the pain. I’ve had clients who had to use a walker to get into my office to transition to a cane. With Doctor’s support, I’ve had clients reduce or go off medications. I’ve had a client who was locked in grief and didn’t leave her bedroom for three years and was able to let it go, heal, forgive and now is engaged in life, working, even traveling. One woman who was terrified of flying was able to fly to Italy and back with no fear (we didn’t even get to the session specifically dealing with fear. She was able to let it go before that session.)
What are you best known for?
I think I’m best known for my compassion towards people – really wanting to help them.
When we first met you, how was business?
Prior to working with Helen my business was hanging on by a wing and a prayer. I was in debt, I had few clients and the wrong type of clients, I was making very little money, I was chasing leads & working only part time in my practice.
What did you want to achieve?
I wanted stability and a structure that would save my failing practice & level up my business in all ways. I wanted to convert more clients from sessions to programs, raise my prices, and generally have a therapy format that would help people better.
What made you decide to work with us?
I felt a real connection right off the bat with Helen. Talking with her she understood exactly what I was going through and needed in order to save my business, and she was willing to work with me when I was at my lowest point in business.
What really stood out for you?
Once I had the know-how, I took action! I learned how to structure a program for my client’s success, learned the value of testimonials and of positioning oneself as an expert. And the value of outsourcing!
What advice would you give to someone considering working with us?
Helen does business from a place of genuine heart centeredness. She’s always been there for me not just as a business mentor, but also as a person, friend and family. I’ve been asked many times what I want for myself/business and I always say that part of what I aspire to do/be/have is a life/business like Helen’s.
She and her business has been an example to me to live up to. How is business now?
I feel a lot more confident in business now – that accounts for a lot I think. My business operates more automatically because I’ve been given a blueprint of success to follow, but also make my own too. Things are more automated, things are more structured. I have more processes and policies in place. I’m not just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. I feel like I’ve stepped into the practitioner I was always meant to be and am continually leveling up from a sturdy base. I don’t worry about my business anymore. I don’t worry about making my career legit, whereas before it was viewed as just a nice hobby. I love having credibility and financial success because it has meant being able to help more people in more ways – instead of staying small and worrying if I could keep the doors open to my practice. It’s been life changing.
What’s on your horizon?
So much actually. I just finished my 1st published book and I’m working on my 2nd book and I have a few more in my head ready to be born. I have my 2nd teaching tour back to Australia on the horizon as soon as I am able to travel again. More stage hypnosis fun of course. I’m in the process of leveling up my business yet again and my goal is to train and hire at least 2 maybe 3 coaches/hypnotists to work for my practice. Accomplishing this goal will also mean a larger office space and free some time up for myself to teach more which I truly love.

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