Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor

Emma Romano

Certified HypnoFit® Therapist
Area of expertise: Family Freedom Protocol
Practicing since: 2015

Location: Melbourne, Australia

From $19,000 to $300,000 and booked 4
months in advance

Emma Romano began her hypnotherapy practice in 2015. She soon learned that she had a gift not just for helping clients with their personal issues, but also for helping other hypnotherapists maximize the potential of their own practices.


She guides her therapist clients from a stuck state into a thriving one, empowering them to become the expert practitioners that their clients need. With her family clients, she helps individuals release trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs without the pain of revisiting those traumas. She’s become known as a family relationship guru and has innovated several modalities that include Timeline Reset and Delete Reset.


Before Emma started working with Helen she was, in her own words, “broke, lost, and confused.” She was making $19,000 a year and barely scraping by. It was impossible for her to find clients. She had so many modalities under her belt, but no system to put them into practice. All of that together meant that she was held down by insecurities about her abilities and her career.


She knew that she needed support and a system from someone who had proven success. That person was Helen Mitas. She signed up for the HypnoFit® Therapy System and HypnoFit® Business System, and quickly began putting what she learned to work.


Emma says that she chose Helen because she could see that Helen was honest, caring, and successful. Helen Mitas has the experience to back her claims up. She does not work from a scarcity or jealous mindset. Instead, she lifts up other practitioners and helps them build their success, as well.

One of the most valuable things that Emma learned from training with Helen was how to put together programs to present them on the international stage, particularly in the USA. Emma learned how to teach and train others in what she does, while always maintaining a gracious and humble outlook.   After putting her training to work, Emma went from watching the phone to being constantly booked out four months in advance. She regularly makes $300,000 a year. She’s expanded her business to include three staff members and two personal assistants to help her manage her business and help her clients.   Emma considers Helen’s step by step system a no-brainer. If you follow the steps, you will succeed. Implementing the system is easy and the way that Helen explains it makes it easy, interactive and fun.   Far from her humble beginnings, Emma is extending the reach of her program around the globe. She has plans to expand into Europe and Southeast Asia and continue to build the large and enthusiastic following she has built for herself.
“Before working with Helen, I was broke, lost
and confused. I was barely making any money
and I found it so hard to find clients.”
10 minutes with Emma
What are your areas of expertise?
My area of expertise is working with families via my Family Freedom Protocol, and coaching therapists to become Family Freedom Protocol practitioners.
Who do you help?
I primarily work with women who are between the ages of 35 & 65 who are motivated to change. Many actually own their own businesses.
What results do you get for your clients?
I help my clients discover and release trauma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs without visiting the trauma and releasing it at a 5 dimensional process for deep, instant and long-lasting results. I get my therapists into a state of empowerment as experts in family therapy, with confidence and a system. I move them from a stuck state into a thriving one.
What are you best known for?
I am best known for my modalities that I have created, Timeline Reset, Delete Reset and my Family group work. I am known as the Family relationship Guru.
When we first met you, how was business?
Before working with Helen, I was broke, lost and confused. I was barely making any money and I found it so hard to find clients. I had absolutely no system even though I had so many different modalities under my belt. I had a lot of insecurities about my abilities and my career. I was making less than $19,000 a year and I felt I was swimming upstream.
What did you want to achieve?
I signed onto Helen’s programs because I needed support and a system from someone who was walking their talk and who could prove their success. The one thing that was stopping me was knowledge and trusting in myself.
What made you decide to work with us?
I decided to work with Helen because she is honest, doing the work, congruent, caring and successful.
What really stood out for you?
The most valuable thing that I learnt from Helen was to put programs together and how to present on the USA stage. How to teach and train others in what I do and how to be humble and gracious.
What advice would you give to someone considering working with us?
There are a few things that Helen does differently and a few things that stand out. Helen has the actual experience to back her up. She has done the hard yards and she is approachable and she lifts people and encourages them towards success. There is no scarcity or jealousy or competition. The step by step systems she offers are a no brainer and if you follow them and do the work, you succeed. It is easy to follow and implement and the way Helen explains and teaches, is interactive, fun and easy.
How is business now?
No horizon, I’m much higher up than that baby!! From here I can see the entire world, I know where I’m going and I know how to get there now thanks to Helen’s guidance. I’m eternally grateful for all that you’ve shown me Helen – thank you x
What’s on your horizon?
I now have the confidence, courage and ability to do what I love. Thanks to Helen Mitas. It is a dream come true to truly live a life of passion, joy and creativity. I am so excited for the future of HypnoSuccess, I am now collaborating and creating a larger worldwide audience in Europe and southeast Asia.

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