Helen Mitas | Global Hypnosis Leader & Mentor

Caryn Bird

Certified HypnoFit® Therapist

Exclusive Mentoring Program Member

Area of expertise: Peak Performance Mindset Training and Peak Performance Practitioner Training

Practicing since: 2003

Location: Wisconsin, United States

Consistency and confidence
Through a more structured approach.

Since 2003, Caryn Bird has helped clients as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and a hypnotherapist. Over the years, she has focused her practice on athletes and other high performers, helping them remove the roadblocks between themselves and their success. She also mentors other hypnotherapists, helping them level up their practice through her own training course.

As a hypnotherapist, she marvels at the chance she has to help people. “The positive results still amaze me, even after all these years,” Caryn says. Her modalities include Performance Mindset Training and Peak Performance Practitioner Training.

Before working with Helen, Caryn had solid hypnotherapist skills. But, the results she was having in her business were just mediocre. It is the same struggle that many other therapists have been through before. She knew she was capable of running a thriving practice that would be profitable for her and helpful for the clients who she saw. But there was an ingredient that was missing. She needed a system and a structure for her sessions.

Caryn took a characteristically thorough approach to educating herself about how to run her hypnotherapy practice as a successful business. Over the years, she took a series of Helen Mitas’ training programs, including HypnoFit® Therapy System, HypnoFit® Business System, and Helen Mitas Exclusive Mentoring.

She came back to Helen for training again and again because of her strong positive impressions. Caryn says “Helen is a leader in our field with a proven track record. Her authenticity speaks for itself.”

Caryn found that, right away, she was learning not just new ways of doing business, but new ways to improve her services as a hypnotherapist. Before she started working with Helen, she would get caught in the people-pleasing trap and try to give clients too much, too fast. But, after training, she realized that it was better for both her and her clients to take a measured approach. For instance, hypnosis did not need to be offered in the first session. Instead, she could slow down, focus more on learning what the client needed, and in the end, offer a more complete service.

Caryn is more confident as a hypnotherapist and business owner than ever before. “I found that undeniable confidence as a hypnotherapist that I knew was inside me all along,” she says.

“The positive results still amaze me even after
all of these years. The best way to measure this
is the referrals and the return clients.”
10 minutes with Caryn
What are your areas of expertise?
I’m the founder of the Win With Hypnosis clinic in Burlington, Wisconsin, and I’m one of the leading Peak Performance Mindset Coaches in the Chicago Tri-state area.
Who do you help?
My clients are swimmers, runners, softball players, wrestlers, basketball players, fencers, golfers – athletes of all kinds at both the amateur and professional level. While I work with athletes and high performers in a clinical setting, and also coach therapists who are new to the sports and performance mindset therapy niche.
What results do you get for your clients?
I help my clients regain the confidence of a champion. When they go through a period of adversity, as most champions do, their negative thoughts can multiply and set their confidence on a downward spiral. My work helps them regain control over their thoughts and rebuilds their focus and confidence. The positive results still amaze me even after all of these years. The best way to measure this is the referrals and the return clients.
What are you best known for?
I’m known as the ‘Game Changer Trainer’, for my ability to produce high performers with a mental edge. Specifically I work in the areas of focus and pre-competition nervousness, removing mental blocks, regaining confidence after injury, increasing motivation, regaining the joy of sport, and negative thought-stopping.
When we first met you, how was business?
In a word: mediocre.
What did you want to achieve?
I wanted a practice that was thriving and booked out weeks in advance but I was lacking a system and structure for my sessions. I felt that lack of consistency was holding me back, and if I could follow more of a structured system when treating my clients, I would be able to get better results more consistently without burning myself out.
What made you decide to work with us?
I’m a research girl. Who is the best in the industry? And who taught them, because that’s the person that I want training me. All signs pointed me to Helen Mitas and I’m so glad I followed my nose and gut because her training elevated my skill set to a whole new level.
What really stood out for you?
Helen is a leader in our field with a proven track record. Her authenticity speaks for itself and so when I crossed paths with Helen at a couple of conferences here in the US, I decided I needed to work with her.
What advice would you give to someone considering working with us?
One of the key takeaways from working with Helen is that hypnosis does not need to be conducted in the first session and that it’s better to focus on an authentic, consultative selling conversation. It sounds like such a simple thing, but it has made the world of difference in setting up my clients for a successful result, and for my ability to build a long term client relationship with them. Helen’s training and mentoring has produced many nuggets of wisdom like that. She has an amazing business sense and walks the talk.
How is business now?
After working with Helen, my business literally took off. I started using Helen’s HypnoFit® Therapist System and my confidence grew with each client – I knew it was inside of me all along but it just needed a little coaxing out!
What’s on your horizon?
I’m taking my Attitude of a Champion blended online program to an international audience and booking an increasing number of international conference speaking gigs. The future looks bright!

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Consistency and confidence
Through a more structured approach.

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