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Discuss your business and goals with a HypnoFit® Certified Partner.  Our Partners have achieved our highest certification and have built a highly successful practice using the HypnoFit® Success System.


We will help you identify and troubleshoot the main issues holding you back in your business, and see if the HypnoFit® Success System is a good fit for you.

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Best for North America & Europe

Best for Australia & NZ

Meet Your Presenters

Helen Mitas

Global Hypnotherapy Leader, Author, Founder of HypnoFit®

Helen Mitas is the founder of the world’s first global Hypnotherapy clinic, HypnoFit®, with 13 Hypnotherapy clinics in Australia, New Zealand & the United States.


Helen was awarded Hypnotist of the Year 2018 by the Mid America Conference in Chicago. Helen has presented and trained therapists in the HypnoFit® Success System across the globe from New York to London.


There are 3,000 Hypnotherapists from over 20 countries who are now Certified HypnoFit® Therapists & Partners.


Marcus Bird

Wellness Futurist, Author, Director of HypnoFit® Global

Marcus’s mission is to move the world to wellness by teaching empowering and educational information to wellness practitioners and clients. As the author of The 3 Minute Coach, a speaker and wellness futurist with over 2 decades of experience in the wellness industry, he knows the wellness business inside and out.


Marcus knows what methods are sustainable and what training is simply hot air. Now, he wants to help you unlock your potential to become the powerful, impactful and profound wellness leader he knows you’re capable of being.

How I Made $165,000 In My First Year Of Hypnotherapy, Without Advertising

Introductory Webinar

How I achieve deep and lasting transformations without
overwhelming the client or exhausting myself

How I introduce my prospects to a program, rather than
individual sessions

How I booked my practice solid on word of mouth alone,
without spending a fortune on marketing

The approach I came up with to generate more revenue
from less clients, so I could stop chasing so many

How I built my a practice to make a bigger impact

Get 9 No Cost Marketing
Strategies That Work

These are the 9 strategies I used to grow my HypnoFit®
practice well beyond the 6 figure mark and that I still use
today to attract new clients.