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9 Ways to Get More Hypnotherapy Clients!

  • Are you investing time and money into marketing that isn’t bringing you clients? If so, you need to HIT PAUSE!
  • Discover the 9 low cost strategies I used to grow my hypnotherapy practice well past 6 figures (and that I still use today).
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Generate a steady flow of clients into your practice with these simple, effective and affordable strategies.


Hey there Hypno Star!

The first step to building a successful practice that pays the bills and rewards you for your skills is developing the ability to attract enough clients consistently.

In the early days, you probably do not have a lot of money to throw around on promotion. That is why this guide focuses on powerful strategies that are also inexpensive.
This book describes the eight strategies that I used to grow my practice well beyond the 6 figure mark and that I still use today to attract new clients. They are easy and actionable and don’t cost the earth.
I hope you enjoy the Guide!

Helen x